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Employee Assessment

Employee Assessment

Employee assessment is critical to any organization.  As a manager, you need to get the most out of your staff.  The employee assessment process involves several inter-connected steps so that the manager can not only evaluate employees and summarize current employee performance , but it will also include future performance goals and expectations.

Employee assessment should also be viewed as a communication tool for the manager.  Assessments should motivate your employees to perform better. The manager should be encouraging and honest during the employee performance review .  Start by discussing the employee's strengths. The employee performance assesment is a very good opportunity to let the employee know that they are valued and needed to help make the company successful.

The manager should strive for consistency and fairness. Be sure to apply assessment criteria to all employees, not just a select few. Assistance in the form of  employee performance review software is ready available for the manager.

The manager should explain what the company can achieve in the future with the employee's help. Don't use the employee assessment to tell your employees all that they are doing wrong. You will lose out on an excellent opportunity to motivate your employees to perform better and so that the performance of your company will be improved.

An effective employee assessment will allow the manager to be honest about inadequate employee performance, but not brutal. Confrontation should be avoided and the manager shouldn't criticize the employee in general terms. The goal is to evaluate employee work performance and not the individual personally. An employee assessment review that turns into a gripe session will almost certainly miss the opportunity to raise employee morale.

If employee performance needs to be corrected, you the manager should be specific so the employee knows what needs to be done in order to improve. Setting time frames for when the employee should show improvement is a very good idea. You might schedule a follow up with the employee in 3 to 6 months. This can help the employee improve performance and receive a better review which benefits both employee and company.

When the employee assessment is complete, the manager should provide a copy to the employee.  To help create and keep track of the necessary documents, a workforce management software can help significantly.

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