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Is HRweb™'s data secure?

Yes. We are following the strictest industry standards by having server(s) stored in secure data center(s). We employ additional measures utilizing firewalls (hardware & software), providing a secure login, and encrypting sensitive data.

How are geographic differences handled for different countries / time zones?

The default time zone will be displayed based on GMT. You have the ability to change any user's time zone. To set this, click on the settings link at the upper portion of the HRweb screen and click on the Employee Permissions button. This requires that you have administrative access to your account. From the settings screen you can also change field labels for things that are regional spedific. Click on the button labeled Regional Settings to change these settings. For example, you can change SSN to SIN if you are in Canada

If I am using ManagerAssistant and decide to purchase HRweb, can I upload data from ManagerAssistant to HRweb?

Yes. There is a utility within HRweb's settings area that will allow you to upload all of your ManagerAssistant data