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Is ManagerAssistant compatible with Windows 8?

Yes, click here for a complete list of requirements:  ManagerAssistant Requirements  If you are installing ManagerAssistant on a standalone Windows 8 PC or using your Windows 8 PC as a server (same advice for Windows 7) then download the MA3Setup.exe first, right mouse click on it, and select "Run as Administrator".  If using the default install you may notice a compatibility warning when installing the SQL 2005 Express.  Our program works fine and you should ignore Microsoft's message as far as it concerns ManagerAssistant.  You are welcome to download the latest SQL Express version from Microsoft's site for free and then you can do a custom install if the compatibility warning bothers you.  Our advice: Ignore the warning and let our program install SQL 2005 Express.  Our program will work wonderfully either way.

I just purchased the product and chose the email activation method. Do I need to download the demo? Is it the same as the product that would normally be shipped?

Yes. You would need to download our demo if you chose the email activation method. The demo is exactly like the product that is shipped, except that it comes pre-loaded with demo data. During the activation you will be given the option to remove demo data.

In ManagerAssistant™'s Home module, how are reminders added to the calendar?

The reminders are linked to the other modules in ManagerAssistant™. For instance, it will show if a person has vacation, sick time, training scheduled, an incident, a scheduled interview, etc... It provides a link that when clicked on will take you to a more detailed screen within the related module.

Can I email a report to my manager or export it to a file?

Yes. You can email the report as an attachment in a PDF, Word or other popular format. You can also save a report in most popular file formats. When you click on a "Print" or "Print a Report" button, it first brings up a preview screen. On the toolbar of this preview screen, is an envelope icon. Click on this Icon and then specify the Format and Destination. The Destination can be specified as "Disk File" to save it to a file or it can be specified as "MAPI" to send the file as an attachment through Outlook. Other send options are available.

How do I backup my data?

It is recommended that you backup your SQL database at regular intervals using the Scheduled Tasks feature of the Windows operating system. A nightly backup is most desirable. To backup your database insure that all users are not running the ManagerAssistant program, and run the MA3Backup.exe that can be found under C/Program Files/ 3.0 folder.  The backup will not succeed if the database is in use.

To schedule a backup task do the following:
1.  Go to Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Scheduled Tasks
2.  Add a scheduled task for the MA3Backup.exe

Can I import my existing employee information?

Yes. ManagerAssistant 3.0 features an Import/Export wizard that you lets you Import or Export data for Employees or Contacts. It supports Access and Text files (Tab or Comma delimited). Access this utility from the "Tools\Database Utilities\" menu

The data I put into ManagerAssistant™ is extremely sensitive. Is there way to password protect ManagerAssistant™?

Yes. From the main menu, click on Setup and then select "Password Protection". Once you have typed in a password, it will prompt you to enter your password each time you launch ManagerAssistant™.

What training is available with ManagerAssistant™?

ManagerAssistant™ is designed to be a cost effective easy-to-use software solution. However; for larger installations, you may require onsite installation and training. Please contact sales at 727-577-1510 or so we can determine your specific requirements and suggest the best solution.