ManagerAssistant - Employee Performance Management Software
"I am very impressed with the employee evaluation. It has been such a help to me. It allows me to adjust to our office needs but still gives me ideas for improvement for employees in multiple areas. Great program I am glad we purchased this for our office!"
Marie Garcia, Fresno Oral Surgery Group
Manage Your Staff Automatically
Whether you choose our web based product HRweb or our Windows based product ManagerAssistant you will be able to track and evaluate the behavior, performance and activities of your employees — easily and quickly — using just one application. Say farewell to the nightmare of trying to manage your employees with an awkward mix of spreadsheets, word documents, database files and cumbersome email folders.
Say hello to highly intuitive workforce management solutions that help you store, track and organize your most important employee and business information in one place. Everything you need to track and monitor employee behavior, activities and management processes is now available with our easy-to-use, affordable solutions.
Workforce Management Solutions
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Our Solutions Offer These Features:

  • Detailed employee information – benefits, salary, and job history.
  • Produce professional-quality performance reviews in minutes.
  • Track your direct employees attendance; tardiness, missed hours, comp time and absences.

  • A simple yet powerful employee goal setting solution.
  • Properly document employee incidents that occur under your watch.
  • Schedule and maintain employee training records and costs.
  • Follow the process of recruitment for potential hires.

ManagerAssistant Network/Multi-User
Offers These Additional Features:

  • SQL Server architecture giving you greater scalability, flexibility, and control over your data.
  • Security levels enforce separate manager views while providing an overview for senior management
  • Control who has the ability to Edit, Add, Delete, or access reports within any given module
  • Include or Exclude access to any module
  • Provides the ability to have the same record viewed by multiple managers
  • Unlimited employee entries

HRweb includes the Features in the
ManagerAssistant Multi-User Edition Plus:

  • Low Cost Monthly Subscription
  • Web Based - Accessed from anywhere(home, office, overseas)
  • Can be Accessed by All Employees
  • Features 360 degree Performance Reviews
  • Employees can request time off and see their Attendance balances
  • Compatible with MACs or PCs – works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, or Safari
  • Totally Turnkey – Nothing to install